4th of July for Pets

With Independence Day (4th of July) coming right around the corner, you may already be worried about how your pets will react to the loud fireworks. At West Park Animal Hospital, we know how important it is to make your pets as comfortable as possible during this time. Our hospital is in a wonderful area [...]

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Heartworms and Your Pet

Heartworm prevention is a vital part of the wellness care that we provide for dogs and cats and warrants a deeper look to understand why we advocate for year-round prevention in all pets and provide our own pets with this vital, lifesaving medication. Many people don’t understand the heartworm and why it causes so much [...]

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Veterinary Dental Care

We often get asked about dental care for pets, and specifically if they need dental treatment under anesthesia. You may have experienced this with a previous pet, or at another veterinary hospital where it was called a “dental”, a “cleaning” or a “prophy” (short for dental prophylaxis), but many pet parents don’t understand what happens [...]

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