We are the music-makers.

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Devoted animal lovers. Passionate about excellence. The team at West Park is exactly the one that you want looking after your family member. Scroll down to get to know the team at your back.


Amber Parker


Dr. Parker is a dedicated, experienced veterinarian who has been entrusted with the care of many beloved pets in the Tampa Bay area for almost 20 years. She is a keen problem solver and enjoys working within the team to cultivate the best outcomes for her patients and clients. After graduating from the esteemed Royal Veterinary College at the University of London in 2002, Dr. Parker moved to Florida to begin her career and start a life-long pursuit of providing happy, healthy lives to every one of her patients.

Dr. Parker has a strong interest in internal medicine and senior wellness care. Devoted not just to her patient’s physical, but also their mental well-being, Dr. Parker has achieved her Fear Free Certification. Like all of our team, she is a committed life-long learner and applies tremendous effort to stay up to date on the latest advancements in veterinary medicine. Dr. Parker lives in Tampa with her loving husband, Steve, and their four-legged family members, Brit (a Fox Red British Lab), Leo (a handsome 25 lb Mainecoon), Colby and George (two adorable rescue kitties). A woman of many talents, Dr. Parker is a skilled wildlife, underwater and travel photographer as well as a sculptor, painter and potter.

Danielle Churchill


Dr. Churchill is a gentle, attentive veterinarian who knew that she wanted to care for animals from a young age. She graduated from the University of Florida with her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine and practiced at high-end veterinary hospitals in both Scottsdale Arizona and St Augustine Florida.

Dr. Churchill has a special interest in clinical pathology, dentistry and internal medicine. She is always looking for opportunities to expand her knowledge base and actively seeks out advanced continuing education. Dr. Churchill is obsessed with her patients and making sure that they live the longest, healthiest lives possible. Dr. Churchill is delighted to be back in her hometown of Tampa with her husband, Dr. Gosche and her favorite four-legged companion, Belle.

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

-Anatole France


Jade Kanar


Jade is a certified veterinary technician (CVT) who has been in veterinary medicine since 2010. Jade has a passion for feline medicine as well as anesthesia and pain management. She works hard to provide low stress visits for all pets who come into the hospital. Jade enjoys educating pet parents so they are comfortable with all aspects of their pet’s treatment. Her favorite part about working at West Park Animal Hospital is being able to devote ample time and attention to each pet’s individual needs. Jade plans to further her knowledge by becoming a Veterinary Technician Specialist in the near future. Jade shares her home with her fiancé Ethan, two dogs (Doug and Haley), two cats (Puddin and Rooster) and a veiled chameleon named Kimmie. On the weekends you can often find her at one of Florida’s famous beaches, or at the nearest Starbucks.

Hannah Parker

Hannah is a Florida native and originally from Madeira beach. She has over 10 years of experience in the veterinary field, and her absolute favorite thing is forming lasting relationships with her patients and their pet parents as well as working with wildlife. She comes to work every day looking for opportunities to make a difference in the lives of our four-legged family members and their parents. In addition to practicing as a veterinary technician, she also has a strong focus on research and eventually wants to enrich her patients’ lives through her studies. Like all of us in the veterinary profession, Hannah has always had a strong love of animals. When she was in high school, she raised and showed swine. Now she has 2 dogs, Gunner and Olive, as well as a sassy siamese named Demi. On the weekends you can find her hiking in the Florida wild or curled up at home with a book!

Ann Hernandez

In the over 30 years of experience Ann has in the veterinary industry, she has acquired quite a few skills that she brings to the West Park Animal Hospital Team. Between working in zoo medicine, emergency medicine and general practice, Ann has cared for a spectrum of animals and seen just about everything from a 1-pound kitten to a 400-pound lion. As she moves towards her goal of becoming a CVT, Ann is thoroughly enjoying working side-by-side with people who are as passionate about medicine as she is. She considers it an absolute honor that people trust her to be a part of their pet’s lives, and loves seeing the strong bond form over the years between people and their pets. Ann is a mother to 3 amazing kids and a house full of dogs, cats and parrots. She finds much of her down-time from the clinic is filled making lots of memories with them. They especially love gardening and hiking.


One of the first smiling faces you will encounter as you walk through the doors of West Park Animal Hospital is our client service representative, Cassie. Her warm greeting and genuine excitement over meeting new dogs and cats would make anyone feel welcome. A true animal lover, Cassie has several four-legged family members of her own including 3 cats, Tinkerbell, Hades and Loki as well as 2 dogs, Kylo and Wendy (you may notice a Disney theme here), 3 geckos and a bunny. This intense love of her own fur babies is part of what made Cassie take the leap into veterinary medicine. She is currently going to school to become a CVT and spends every day here soaking up as much new information as she can. In fact, West Park’s strong focus on continuing education from her team members is one of her favorite things about working here. When Cassie is not working towards her goal of becoming a surgical veterinary technician, she is using her free time to play the guitar or piano, and perhaps visit a Disney park or two.

Aubrey Garcia

Aubrey has been passionate about animals of all shapes and sizes her entire life, so it only seems natural that she would be drawn to a profession devoted to caring for those animals. Aubrey started her career as a client service representative/dog walker for pet grooming salons, but has decided to make the leap over to veterinary medicine as she was hoping for an opportunity spend as much time as possible with the furry friends she loves so much while also learning a bit about the medical side of things. One of her favorite things is trading stories with other pet parents about funny things their pets do or little anecdotes they may have. Being a pet parent to everything from cats, to ducks, fish and frogs, Aubrey also has a strong understanding of the bond people and animals can share and loves being a support system for those families whose pets are undergoing medical care. When Aubrey is not hard at work at West Park Animal Hospital, she can often be found outdoors riding bikes, long boarding golfing or roller blading with her husband and family.


Kelsey joined the West Park Animal Hospital Team with 6 years of veterinary experience under her belt and a Masters in Shelter Medicine from the University of Florida. As a perpetual learner herself, one of Kelsey’s favorite things about working in the field is how much it is always changing with new and improved diagnostic methods, treatments and surgical techniques arising nearly every day. Kelsey also very much enjoys passing on all of that knowledge to the many pet parents she comes into contact with, helping them better understand and care for their four-legged family members. When Kelsey is not hard at work in the hospital, she enjoys bird watching and spending her free time with her cat, Phoebe.