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In uncertain times like we are currently experiencing; we know you’ll have a lot of concerns and questions. As veterinarians, we’ll attempt to answer some of the common questions we’ve been receiving and address how our hospital is responding to this epidemic. We know the stress of a pet being sick during this time can [...]

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The Wonderful World of Wildlife

Spring and summer bring many wonderful occurrences- nice weather, Easter egg hunts, and baby animals! From middle to late March into August and even occasionally September, our local wildlife will be carrying out their biological instinct and a lot of new babies will be making their way into the ecosystem. While they may look cute [...]

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What Does Bloodwork Really Mean?

You may have heard your veterinarian recommend bloodwork for your four-legged family member during one of your visits. There are a lot of reasons why your veterinarian may have thought this was important. It is also good to know that not all bloodwork is the same. There are literally thousands of different combinations that can [...]

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What Your Veterinarian Wants You To Know About Intestinal Parasites

  We'll admit that we are a little obsessed about poop. More specifically, our veterinarians obsess about the parasites that it can contains. There is a surprising amount of important information about intestinal parasites. Unfortunately, intestinal parasites do not often get the attention and respect they deserve as a cause of illness in our four-legged [...]

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Canine Influenza

If you follow the news or take your pet to boarding or day care facilities routinely, you may have heard about the canine influenza virus.  This virus is actually a fairly recent discovery in the veterinary world.  There is also still a lot being learned about it.  For these reasons, there are a lot of [...]

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Beat That Summertime Heat

It’s that time of year again in Florida…when stepping outside feels like you have taken a blow dryer to the face. The rest of the world calls this time of year summer! While we’re dealing with frizzy humidity-ridden hair and making sure we’re wearing sunscreen, our furry friends are facing a few of their own [...]

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  In a previous blog article we reviewed the importance of vaccines in dogs.   We think it important to have a deeper discussion on one specific vaccine against a bacterial disease called leptospirosis, or lepto for short.  While it is not considered a core, or required, vaccine, the lepto vaccine is still highly recommended for [...]

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New Puppy Tips

Essential Tips For Your New Puppy   Bringing a new puppy home is such an exciting time. Our veterinarians want to share some tips to make the transition as easy as possible for both you and your new addition. Also take a look at our new puppy checklist post for more helpful information. Potty Training: [...]

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