Healthcare Financing?

We know that emergencies or health problems can arise at unexpected and inopportune times. At West Park Animal Hospital, we want to provide your pet with the highest quality care available and we offer several options for dealing with the stress of these unanticipated expenses. We also know that even when we have saved and prepared to care for our pet things can happen beyond our control. We strive to make sure you are informed on all of the options for your pet’s health care financing and provide you resources so that you can focus on what is important, the health of your family member.

Care Credit: A third-party medical credit card offering a very convenient way to apply for and receive funds which enables pet owners to have the ability to quickly secure funds with confidence in their pet’s time of need. Applicants can choose from several different repayment plans.

Scratch Pay: Another vet industry specific third-party payment system offered to clients who would like to utilize another pet-friendly payment service.