Slide Skin Conditions Scratch, scratch, scratch. Itch, itch, itch. These may be familiar sounds if your pet has ever had skin or ear conditions. What may start so subtly can quickly turn into unrelenting discomfort for your pet and sleepless nights for you. We know you would do anything to make your pet feel better, and our veterinarians understand how frustrating these problems can be. We’re here to help guide you through the process of picking a treatment that works for you and your pets. At West Park Animal Hospital our staff are highly trained on skin conditions and are here to assist you in getting to the bottom your pet’s issue. While some causes of itching, such as fleas, can be readily determined and have a specific treatment, other causes, such as allergies, may involve specialized testing and working closely with your veterinarian to develop a detailed treatment and lifestyle plan. Even living in Florida can put your pet at higher risk for certain dermatology problem like ear infections. Regardless of the cause, our staff will work closely with you to find the source of your pet’s itching, review treatment options and find the best therapy to get your pet the relief they need. There are numerous sources for skin and ear disorders, and sometimes your pet’s condition may be a combination of several different things, but listed below are some of the more common conditions we see in our patients. Fleas and Other Parasites Skin Infections Ear Infections Allergies Endocrine Diseases Autoimmune Conditions