Slide Digital Radiology (x-rays) When your pet is under the weather we do everything we can to find out what is causing it’s hardship. While a thorough history and physical exam are solid steps towards diagnosing your pet’s condition, we sometimes rely on radiographs (x-rays) to provide valuable information about a pet’s internal organs. Radiographs can provide a more comprehensive view of the abdomen, chest and bones aiding in the diagnosis of a number of conditions including fractures, foreign bodies and bladder stones. State-of-the-art digital radiograph technology provides several benefits for our patients, staff and even our clients.

  • Images are produced within seconds meaning a quicker diagnosis and less wait time for your pet.
  • Images can be shared digitally with referral centers, emergency clinics or radiologists if needed
  • Less radiation is used meaning a safer environment for your pet and our staff.