Slide In an ideal world, our pets would travel everywhere with us providing companionship and entertainment. In return we would keep them safe and guide them home. However, this is not always possible. Storm evacuations, family emergencies or even our pet’s own crazy curiosity may result in our pet getting separated from us.

While collars and tags can be helpful in returning your pet home, microchips are the best protection for those times when life does not go as planned. Microchips are implanted beneath your pet’s skin with a single injection and have a number code that can be used as a unique identifier for your pet and your pet alone. West Park Animal Hospital along with other veterinary hospitals, shelters and animal facilities are trained to scan every found or new pet for a microchip, then do everything we can to return pets back the families who love them.

We recommend microchipping your pet during a spay or neuter procedure, but microchipping can be performed at any time. Please speak with one of our highly trained veterinary staff about the benefits of microchipping today.