Organic. Holistic. Premium. Ultra-Premium!

Picking a food for our pet can be confusing. The truth of the matter is that many companies are great at marketing and appealing to our emotions, but for the vets and staff at West Park Animal Hospital the only thing that matters is whether or not a particular food will help your pet flourish.

When selecting an appropriate food, it is important to take into consideration age, breed and lifestyle as well as any medical conditions. We are excited about discussing food options with you and are open-minded when examining new foods on the market. There may be times when our doctors recommend a particular prescription food because your pet needs a specific diet that’s not tailored to the general population. Often times this is in response to some illness or injury where diet plays an important role in recovery. We have taken great care to select and stock a curated list of foods that we believe to be the best available for these conditions. We also have the ability to custom order a selection of foods specifically for your family member if necessary.