Slide It can happen to the best of us; we put on a few extra pounds and have a hard time getting rid of it. For our pets that extra weight can add up quickly. Because of their relative size, giving them a few extra calories a day can be like us enjoying an extra cheeseburger. Also, just like us, the extra weight they carry can lead to severe negative health effects. In fact, there was a recent study that showed dogs that we kept in a fit condition lived almost two years longer than dogs that were overweight. Two more years of joy is enough to convince even Dr. Gosche to give Belle fewer treats.

Luckily, there are several things we can do to make sure our pets maintain a proper weight. Exercise and diet are the primary factors in helping them shed some pounds or maintain their athletic physique. At our Westchase office, we carry several types of food, including a natural recipe, that help manage weight by making our pets feel full after consuming the proper number of calories. Additionally, we can help tailor an individual weight loss plan for your special loved one to ensure they are getting the best care possible.