The Veterinarians of West Park Animal Hospital

If you live in or near Oldsmar, you know how hard it can be to find a good veterinarian that really cares about your pets. There are several things to consider when choosing a new animal hospital for your pet, and we know how personal this decision can be. Below, we’ll go through some of the important aspects of veterinary care for your pets and why they may impact your choice.


Finding an Oldsmar Vet That Cares

One of the first things to ask when looking for a new veterinarian in Oldsmar, is how much time you will get with the medical team. It is important to make sure all your questions will be answered, and that your concerns will be addressed. Our veterinarians schedule longer appoints for first time appointments and for certain other conditions because they know many of our clients have many several questions about caring for their four-legged family. They are happy to spend quality time and discussing common questions such as food and nutrition, parasites, weight management, heartworms, and aging. Our veterinarians and veterinary technician team will also make sure they discuss all your pet’s medical options. They know you want what is best for your pet and will make sure you understand all the advanced medical care they can provide. We are a small locally, owned hospital and our entire team is dedicated to giving your pet the personal attention that they deserve.

Finding an Oldsmar Vet That Provides Top Quality Care

A major concern on most pet owners is that their pet gets the best care possible. We completely understand this, and only recommend the type of veterinary care that we would want for our own pets. West Park Animal Hospital has been outfitted with modern updated equipment and our veterinarians are able to provide advanced treatment even in emergency situations. Even during common procedures such as a spay, neuter, or dental cleaning they take the upmost precaution to make sure that your dogs and cats get best care possible. In fact, all our surgical patients, including spays and neuters, get bloodwork before anesthesia, a catheter and IV fluids throughout the entire procedure, and advanced monitoring by a dedicated veterinary technician. All our patients that are receiving a complete dental cleaning all get these things in addition to full mouth dental x-rays. Our veterinarians have also put a great deal of thought into what medications they carry in our inhouse pharmacy. They routinely go over new publications and medical studies to make sure they are up to date on latest in veterinary advancements and that they are recommending the best medicine possible.

Finding a Low-Stress Vet in Oldsmar

The simple truth is that many pets don’t enjoy their visits to the vet. Unfortunately, sometimes they don’t understand the importance of the medical procedures they are experiencing. Our veterinarians and veterinary technicians understand how scary this experience can be for your dogs and cats and take all possible steps to minimize their stress while they are visiting us. You won’t find any rough handling in our hospital, and our entire team is trained in low stress handling techniques. What you will find a large assortment of treats, and distractions to keep your pets occupied so that they don’t even know they are visiting for a medical treatment. Many of our clients are delighted to see how happy their pets are when they are visiting. Our facility is one of the few vet hospitals near Oldsmar that is designed with both cats and dogs in mind. We have a separate waiting area and exam room for our kitty patients, as they can sometimes become frightened when around dogs.

What Makes West Park Animal Hospital Different

At West Park Animal Hospital, we’ve tried to reimagine veterinary care to provide what you and your pets really need. Our Oldsmar Veterinarians provide the type of care that they would want for their own pets, and our team is dedicated to doing what is best for all the dogs and cats that we see. We also understand that sometimes medical needs arise unexpectedly, and when financing prevent you from doing everything you can to take of your pet. To help ensure that you can always afford to care for your dog or cat, we’ve partnered with two companies, CareCredit and Scratchpay, to help give you options when these needs arise. We also are able to work with most major pet insurance companies. We commonly recommend Trupanion insurance to our clients and are able to receive payments directly from them.

Finally, one of the key factors that differentiates West Park Animal Hospital is that we are locally owned. Not only do all our team live in the Tampa Bay area, but we are a small, privately owned hospital. This means that our vets get to make the decisions that they know are best for your pets without answering to a corporate manager. Some of our first planning meetings were conducted in downtown Oldsmar at the Chamber of Commerce. Our team understands the needs of the pets of that live in our area because they spend their time here too. We are delighted to be a part of the community and to give back to the area that supports us.

If you are looking for an Oldsmar vet that provides the best care available for your pet family, come meet our veterinarians and veterinary team. You are welcome to see our entire hospital and spend time getting to know us. If you’d like to book an appointment for your dog or cat, call or text us today at (813) 749-6863 or book through our online portal. We can’t wait to meet you and your family.