Our Veterinarians Love Cats-West Park Animal Hospital

Welcome to West Park Animal Hospital

Our veterinarians and veterinary staff love working with cats, and are specifically trained on gentle handling techniques.

At West Park Animal Hospital, we have a special affinity for cats, and we know that they are important members of your family. Our feline friends have their own unique needs when it comes time for a visit to the vet, and we’ve designed our hospital with them in mind. We also know that a vet visit can be stressful for both you and them, and we do our best to make our appointments as easy and stress-free as possible.

From the moment you walk into our veterinary hospital, you’ll notice that we’ve done everything possible to separate our feline and canine patients. As much as we love seeing a bouncing puppy, or a big happy dog, we know that these interactions can be frightening for our feline friends. To compensate for this, we’ve created a separate waiting area specifically for cats.

In addition to our feline specific waiting area, we’ve designated one exam room to be used only for our cat patients. This room is equipped with special pheromones that have been shown to have a calming effect. We’ve also added fixtures from our friends at catastrophic creations that give your cat an area to climb and hide. We know kitties like to be high and watch the action from above, so we’ve given them a place to get more comfortable. This room also has extra insulation in the walls and ceiling, and a dimmable light to ensure that it stays as quiet and soothing as possible. Our veterinarians and veterinary staff have placed feline specific tools and equipment in this room to ensure that our appointments run quickly and efficiently.

A waiting room designed for cats to decrease stress when visiting the vet
cat specific exam room at veterinary hospital in Westchase

Often getting your cat to the vet can be a stressful job, and our veterinarians have provided the following tips for making that trip a little easier:

1. Use a carrier. We know some of our feline patients do well when carried in your arms, but you never know when they will react. A carrier provides some protection for you and for them.

2. Choose a carrier that has an easily removable top. If you can remove the top, you can place some food and a blanket in the carrier at home to get your cat used to the idea of the space. Additionally, if your cat is stressed when they visit the vet, it may be better for us to remove the top of the carrier rather than try to reach in through the door and coax them out.

3. Place a blanket or towel from home in the carrier. The familiar smell of home may help your cat relax. Even better, use a towel sprayed in pheromone meant to calm our kitties. We use this on all of our feline specific towels and blankets in the hospital.

4. When possible, try to separate your cat and dog appointments. Just like with siblings, even if they get along well at home, the stress of travel can strain the relationship between our canine and feline family members.

5. Bring a favorite snack or toy. We want each visit to our veterinary hospital to be a positive experience for you and all of the family. If your cat has something that they truly enjoy at home, please don’t hesitate to bring it along.