Aubrey has been passionate about animals of all shapes and sizes her entire life, so it only seems natural that she would be drawn to a profession devoted to caring for those animals. Aubrey started her career as a client service representative/dog walker for pet grooming salons, but has decided to make the leap over to veterinary medicine as she was hoping for an opportunity spend as much time as possible with the furry friends she loves so much while also learning a bit about the medical side of things. One of her favorite things is trading stories with other pet parents about funny things their pets do or little anecdotes they may have. Being a pet parent to everything from cats, to ducks, fish and frogs, Aubrey also has a strong understanding of the bond people and animals can share and loves being a support system for those families whose pets are undergoing medical care. When Aubrey is not hard at work at West Park Animal Hospital, she can often be found outdoors riding bikes, long boarding golfing or roller blading with her husband and family.