Beach Safety

While summer is generally considered to be coming to a close- what with school back in session and the official start of fall just around the corner- beach season in Florida is far from over. We're blessed to live in the Tampa Bay area where we have some of the most beautiful beaches in the [...]

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Getting Your Cat To Love The Carrier

The time has come to take your feline friend to the veterinarian for her annual visit. You go into the garage, search for her carrier and find it hiding under a box of Christmas ornaments. You dust it off, take out the old newspaper lining the bottom and bring the carrier inside. A brief glimpse [...]

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Vaccines and Dogs

The Veterinarians at West Park Animal Hospital get a lot of questions about vaccines. While dogs and cats both need vaccines, we’ll focus this post specifically on our canine patients, especially puppies but also older dogs. It is quite normal to wonder why our dogs get so many vaccines, and we know you want what [...]

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